SAFe certified (SPC): Pros and Cons

Being a CEO of a software company you might want to get certified by SAFe®.

Scaled Agile Framework has been made from scratch and by SAFE’s very own entrance:

For Who’s SAFe® certificate?

Organizations create partnerships with SAFe, e.g. SoftwarePlant Is Just a Bronze Partner of ScaledAgile.

The organization home of SAFe® — Scaled Agile Inc. established in Boulder, Colorado is just a relatively small organization, too. They had to apply roughly 30 people, and only recently grew to approximately 60 employees.

We deliberately cut corners , for SAFe® novices;-RRB-

To be accurate, moderate and huge customers are largely aware of challenges of security and scalability within their applications.

What it happens and what would be the benefits? Is Scaled Agile Framework certification worth the time?

No revolution occurred, but my SAFe® certification attracted some order to our procedures. How?

At some point SAFe® attracted my attention and I became certified to verify its potential. Especially because of the simple fact I had had a great deal of experience in project management using a variety of methodologies at that time.

SAFe® certificate is for (a) job managers and (b) people who benefit large enterprises. SAFe® is reductively Scrum into the energy of two2. Perhaps not merely 1 team, but a lot.

May be the SAFe exam cumbersome? I took it inside my holiday in the hotel room. But you want a dependable online connection…

How SoftwarePlant altered after SAFe® certificate?

Before its birth from 2011, SAFe’s predecessors have been chiefly timeless management methodologies. Most them inert, aimed at creating instruction, after having a long-term plan, etc.. Risk management is notably lean, sewn into processes and efficient in SAFe® in contrast to people older methodologies.

SAFe vs. non-SAFe direction

Sothe Scaled Agile Framework in actions is comparable to your building’s base. Of invisible price, hidden beneath the top, but preventing walls out of being ripped apart…

As an advantage, the Scaled Agile certification, set on a webiste header, could generate some publicity, even to a medium or small enterprise.

Our motivation for accessing SAFe® certification

Individuals get SAFe® certificate, not organizations1.

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You can find exceptions into this massive enterprise rule of which we have been an illustration. We are a computer software house, employing around 30 people. Undoubtedly, we’re not a normal SAFe® client, but we develop applications for enterprise scale organizations. So, to create the applications — our BigPicture, BigGantt and the other Jira apps — we will need to be familiar with SAFe rules.

Further benefits

SPC, or SAFe® Program Consultant certificate at a nutshell

Interestingly, Scaled Agile Inc. isn’t so big either…